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Can a Chiropractor Help Me With Hip Pain?

If you’re having hip pain, you may find it difficult to figure out where to start in your treatment plan. With hip pain having many potential causes, who knows where you could go for treatment? However, in many cases, chiropractors can help you find the relief you need with effective practices that can be more effective than pain medicine. If you or someone you know is looking for East Northport chiropractors, we at Picard Chiropractic are here for you.

Types of Chiropractic Treatment

It is important to note that your best option is contacting a chiropractor for your hip pain treatment. They will be able to determine your needs and design a treatment plan that works for your pain. If you’re considering having an appointment with a chiropractor, you may be wondering, “What types of treatment will work for me?” There are two types of chiropractic treatment for hip pain: high velocity, low altitude (HVLA) thrust & low force chiropractic.

A high velocity, low altitude (HVLA) thrust involves adjusting the joint with sudden, controlled force. When you hear a “pop” during this treatment, that means a joint’s position has been adjusted. There are three types of HVLA trusts:

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  • Diversified: This type of treatment involves applying quick adjustments to several joints.
  • Gonstead adjustment: This type of treatment uses specialized chairs and tables & different body positions to adjust joints.
  • Thompson terminal point: This type of treatment involves a table with removable sections to single out one part of the spine and apply force to that part. Depending on how this treatment is delivered, it can be classified as low force chiropractic.

Low force chiropractic treatment is the gradual use of force for the desired effect. Chiropractors use this form of care for patients who are either uncomfortable with sudden movement or have other conditions preventing the use of HVLA thrusts. There are several types of low force chiropractic techniques, such as:

  • Activator method: This technique involves using a spring-loaded tool to test your muscles and adjust your spine.
  • Core flexion-distraction: During this technique, your chiropractor rocks your lower spine back and forth, applying steady pressure & adjusting vertebrae.
  • Toggle Drop: This technique involves using a drop table, placing their hands on the focus area & applying steady pressure.
  • Release work: With this technique, the chiropractor presses on individual vertebrae with their fingertips to adjust them. This helps to realign bones without much speed or force.
  • Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT): This technique uses wedges or blocks placed beneath the pelvis to adjust the spine using gravity and additional applied pressure.
  • Mackenzie Technique: With this technique, the patient indicates which position they are most comfortable to be in for chiropractic treatment. This treatment is best for those that are anxious about chiropractic care.

East Northport Chiropractors

Finding the right treatment for hip pain can be stressful, especially when you don’t know how a chiropractor can help you with your hip pain. Rest assured that a chiropractor can help you with hip pain, and they are willing to help you be free from your pain. If you are looking for East Northport chiropractors, then Picard Chiropractic can help you find relief. Please visit our website to learn more. Don’t wait any longer to receive treatment for your hip pain! Contact us today!