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Pat LaFontaine

"As a former NHL hockey player and tri-athlete, physical fitness is very important to me. As part of my routine I see Dr. Picard to maintain a healthy lifestyle." - Pat LaFontaine

Margaret C"I had problems with mobility and a lot of pain. I decided to see a Chiropractor, Dr.Picard, and it worked. I had immediate relief. Now I go intermittently for maintenance." - Margaret C.

Rick Van Dyke"My medical doctor said the best thing for my back would be to go see a Chiropractor. Now I can bounce out of bed, and that feels really good!" - Rick Van Dyke

Edmarine Wallach"I've worked in the airline industry for a number of years wearing high heels which caused my back pain. I have had tremendous improvement going to Dr.Picard and I am off my medication." - Edmarine Wallach

Stephanie Brown"I was in 2 car accidents with pain in my neck, back and shoulders, and Dr.Picard got me out of pain." - Stephanie Brown

Barbara Keen"I had fallen off my horse injuring my back and Dr.Picard got me back on the saddle!" - Barbara Keen

Beatriz U"I was doing a lot of exercising and I was in a lot of pain. I saw Dr. Picard and now I feel great, and I am able to go back to my kickboxing class." - Beatriz U.