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Auto and Work Injuries

Auto Injuries

According to the Insurance Research Council, nearly 1/3 of all claimants injured in motor vehicle accidents (MVA's) seek treatment from doctors of chiropractic. This is an impressive number given that the National Safety Council (NSC) has determined there to be more than 12 million MVA's annually involving more than 20 million vehicles.

The reason individuals like yourself choose chiropractic care for treatment of injuries sustained in MVA's is simple - chiropractic care is exceptional in the treatment of soft tissue injuries, especially of the spine. Since the most common injuries associated with MVA's are sprains and strains of the spinal muscles and ligaments, it's only natural that chiropractic be the treatment of choice.

Many studies have also found individuals injured in MVA's prefer chiropractic care for the treatment of their injuries. One such study evaluated 190 whiplash injury victims and found those who received chiropractic care reported treatment satisfaction of 100%.

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Being involved in a car accident is a traumatic experience. Even if it is only a minor one, you’ll likely experience pain and discomfort as a result. When this happens, you shouldn’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us at Picard Chiropractic. Our chiropractor in South Huntington will provide the treatment services needed for you to make a full recovery.

Common Issues After A Car Accident

At Dr. Picard’s office, our team offers chiropractic care for patients in need of treatment. One of the significant benefits of this service is that it can assist with a wide range of issues. That is why we should be your first call after being involved in a car accident. If you find yourself dealing with any of the below problems, chiropractic care will help:

  • Whiplash.
  • Muscle stiffness.
  • Back pain.
  • Neck pain.
  • Limited range of motion.

What Is Chiropractic Care?

If you’ve never had chiropractic care administered before, you may be a bit apprehensive about scheduling an appointment with our chiropractor in South Huntington. To help quell any nerves, our team would like to explain what this form of care involves. Chiropractic care focuses on misalignments in your spinal structure. To correct the misalignments that come from car accidents, our team will use chiropractic adjustments and manipulations. They will place varying amounts of pressure on specific parts of the body during this process. This pressure promotes realignment and reduces your symptoms.

Why Choose Chiropractic Care?

After being involved in a car accident, there are various types of treatment that you can seek out. However, few will offer the benefits that our chiropractor in South Huntington can provide. By scheduling an appointment at our facility, the benefits you can receive include:

  • Receiving a non-invasive form of treatment.
  • Potentially avoiding the need for surgery.
  • Elimination of pain.
  • Reduced swelling and stiffness.
  • Dealing with little risk of complications.

Schedule Your Appointment

Here at Picard Chiropractic, we take pride in offering top-quality care for our patients. Our chiropractor in South Huntington is well versed in treating patients who have recently been through a car accident. When you’re ready to schedule your appointment for care, contact us today!

Work Injuries

We have an excellent source of basic as well as in-depth information to assist you in any workers' compensation question you may have. If you experience difficulty finding the answer to your questions, please contact our office directly. We can answer most of your work comp related questions, as workers' compensation cases make up a significant portion of our practice.

Did you know you get get answers right from the NYS Workers' Compensation Website? Find out:

  1. How to file a Claim (yes you the patient can do this too. Not just your employer)
  2. How to get help on a claim you already have.
  3. How to understand your schedule loss award.