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Electric Muscle Stimulation

Have you been dealing with persistent pain that won’t let up? Electric muscle stimulation can potentially eliminate your pain once and for all. At Dr. Picard’s office, our spine specialist in Huntington, NY provides several treatment modalities to address pain and improve patients’ quality of life. To learn more about this treatment, please continue reading.

What is Electric Muscle Stimulation?

Electric muscle stimulation is a treatment used by our spine specialist in Huntington, NY where an electrical current is administered at the site of soft tissue injuries to block pain. The electrodes are placed on the skin and send pulses throughout the body that cause muscles to contract and spasm. The contractions induced by the pulses relieve your pain because they stop the spasms and release endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.

What Does Electric Muscle Stimulation Do?

Electric muscle stimulation therapy is generally used to address muscle inflammation and provide pain relief. This treatment is an excellent alternative to other forms of rehab if they are too advanced or painful. Some of the benefits of receiving this treatment from a spine specialist in Huntington, NY can include:

  • Promotes relaxation and eases pain - This treatment can be very relaxing and provide similar benefits to massage therapy. It can release tension and increase blood flow. Endorphins are released through muscle contraction, which naturally relieves pain.
  • Speeds up recovery time - Electric muscle stimulation encourages blood flow to an injured area. This can promote the healing process. This therapy contracts muscles for you, so it builds up muscle tone.
  • Treats sports injuries - Electric muscle stimulation can be helpful after vigorous physical activity and helps minimize soreness felt by the athlete. It can also help prevent future injuries because it keeps muscles active even if they aren’t being used.
  • Slows muscle atrophy - Muscle atrophy can occur after an injury or as a result of a medical condition like Multiple Sclerosis. This treatment can slow down muscle atrophy by stimulating weakened muscles. When a person can’t activate the muscles on their own, this treatment keeps them active.

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Electric muscle stimulation has several benefits that can positively impact your entire body. If you are interested in trying this treatment, our spine specialist in Huntington, NY at Dr. Picard’s office is well-versed in this area. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, contact us today!