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Corona Virus Protocols

Our Treatment Protocols Continue to be Strict Including:

  1. Spacing appointments apart to limit person to person contact and maintain social distancing.

  2. Disinfecting all contact areas including treatment tables/Headpiece, equipment, door handles, bathroom contact points and more after every encounter. Sprays and Wipes are used.

  3. Treatment is given using a mask to further protect any cross contamination. Patients are required to wear masks in the office and treatment rooms. We will be happy to supply one if you do not have one.

  4. When the weather is nice out, we keep the front door open to come and go freely without contact and circulate fresh air.

  5. Hand sanitizer is available throughout the office.

  6. A new glass partition has been professionally installed to protect both staff and patients from any possible airborne droplets during conversation.

  7. Any carpets in rooms have been replaced with flooring to further create an easier surface to clean.

  8. You may call us from your car in the parking lot prior to entry if you like.

  9. A UVC air purifier has been installed in the HVAC duct system

  10. MERV 13 HEPA filters have been installed in the HVAC system.

  11. The entire office is disinfected daily with a VSE Magnum Sprayer using "List N" government approved disinfectant approved for Corona Virus as well as 99.9 percent of the other viruses and bacteria.

For those that feel they have symptoms of any viral infection including but not limited to fever, cough, shortness of breath, high temperature and typical aches and pains, we ask that you stay home and contact your primary care provider over the phone to discuss.

We are proud to have created a safe and controlled environment for both patients and staff. We welcome your call if you have any questions or concerns prior to your visit.